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Edge chipping and corner falling of stone cutting board? Maybe you didn‘t sharpen your knife

2021-04-08 16:39:25

      Many people understand the meaning of the idiom "sharpening the knife does not miss the firewood cutting skill", but few people really apply it to practical work.
The idiom "sharpening the knife does not delay the cutting of firewood" means that although sharpening the knife takes some time, it does not delay the cutting of firewood. The knife is sharp, and the cutting speed is faster and more efficient. The deeper level of "sharpening the knife without mistaking the firewood cutting skill" means that if we make full preparations in advance, we can speed up the work and improve the quality of the work.
     In the process of stone production and processing, the saw blade of the bridge cutter not only needs to be cut, but also needs to be sharpened.

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