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Automatic stone cleaning- protective -drying equipment

2021-06-16 17:26:35

1.Fully automatic design, easy to operate, suitable for all kinds of people.

2.Constant temperature and energy-saving control system ensure uniform specifications and quality of the finished slab.

3.The cleaning system adopts high-pressure recycled water combined with a brush to make sure the exported quality .

4.The working place is not restricted by the environment and weather.

5.The production per day is 500-700about 5-8 times that of manual production.

6.Assembly line designed, loading and unloading operated separately at the same time to reduce manual labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

7.Full-automatic protection on six faces and uniform Protectant-spraying make the 100% qualified finished products.

8.The protection system adopts the recycled protectant design to avoid the waste.

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